Cristina María Velásquez Delgado


Affiliation: M.S. in International Affairs graduate from the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech

Focus: Community Resilience, Civic Participation and ICTs, Innovation Ecosystems, ICTD

I recently earned my M.S. in International Affairs, a degree I pursued while fulfilling my professional duties as a diplomat representing the Government of Ecuador. I am particularly interested in work that explores community resilience, civic participation enabled by ICTs, and citizen-driven innovation ecosystems. Ultimately, I seek to better understand how to promote civic engagement and technology practices that foster the inclusive socio-economic development of Latin American communities.


Do decisions shape preference? Evidence from blind choice
Sharot, Tali, Cristina M. Velasquez, and Raymond J. Dolan | Psychological Science ’10

Depression beliefs, treatment preference, and outcomes in a randomized trial for major depressive disorder
Boadie W. Dunlop, Mary E. Kelley, Tanja C. Mletzko, Cristina M. Velasquez, W. Edward Craighead,
Helen S. Mayberg | Journal of Psychiatric Research ’12